Krav Maga is a practical fighting system developed in the Israeli Defense Force that teaches proven techniques to protect yourself and others. Our professional instructors come to you directly from the Israeli Army. Our classes are a fun, non-intimidating learning environment to keep you motivated and challenged.

The KMDI Bondi gym offers a fully equipped facility with classes around the clock including self defence, fitness and scenario training. 


RON ENGELMAN - Chief Instructor

Immersing himself in Krav Maga since early childhood, Ron served in the IDF as a paratrooper sergeant and Krav Maga instructor to combat units. Moving to Australia, Ron founded Krav Maga Defence Institute and travels the world overseeing and training Krav Maga instructors in Israel, Australia, Europe and the U.S. 

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SAAR MARKOVITCH - Senior Instructor

Israeli Defence Force lieutenant, Saar has undergone some of the army’s most demanding training, earning his position as an IDF officer and Military Krav Maga instructor. Saar was hand picked and sponsored by the Krav Maga Defence Institute to teach Krav Maga in Sydney.

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