Our youth program not only concentrates on teaching self defence, but furthermore, helps develop fitness habits, important life skills and builds confidence in the kids.


With an emphasis on confidence building, we teach techniques that help the kids in case they are confronted by bullies or strangers. Our techniques are proven, efficient and will be refined to the point where responses become instinctual. 


Krav Maga develops characteristics which are essential in life, within its youth program, placing emphasis on self-discipline, respect for oneself and others, ability to focus and general awareness of one’s surroundings. Through these attributes, kids will learn how to overcome challenges in training and consequently, in their everyday life. 



KIDS (AGES 9-12) TUES 16:30 - 17:15
TEENS (AGES 13-17) MON, WED & THUR 16:30 - 17:15, SAT 9:00-9:45




  • Kids (Ages 9-12) 

Come with a parent/guardian to a free trial class on either Tuesday or Thursday. 

  • Teens (Ages 13-17)

Come with a parent/guardian to a free trial class on either Monday or Wednesday. 



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Date of Booking
Kids (Ages 9-12) classes are every Tues & Thur, 16:30-17:15 // Teens (Ages 13-17) classes are every Mon & Wed, 16:30-17:15

*We are not running any classes when Kids & Teens are on school holidays. Please find here below the dates and terms as per the government for NSW in 2017.


Can I join in the middle of the year/semester?

Yep! Our classes run all year round so you can join whenever suits you. We’ll even take the price off the weeks that are missed!

Is Krav Maga for me?

Krav Maga will keep you fit and teach you how to best defend yourself in any and every situation. You’ll gain confidence out on the streets whilst making new friends and having a kick ass time. Krav Maga opens its arms to each member - once you’re in, you’re part of the fam! If this sounds good to you then YES Krav Maga is for YOU.


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